MBR Industries is a small, family owned business thriving within the firearms community through sharing the same passions as our customers. We appreciate the history, heritage, sport, protection, and freedom of firearms.  We offer our customers unique items that cannot be found just anywhere, particularly historic, antique, and vintage military firearms.  We provide customers with the ultimate buying experience in browsing our items through online auctions while offering an exciting purchasing atmosphere.  We specialize in shipping to all 50 states.  We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work in the firearms industry and our customers are our #1 priority.  Thank you for your support and we always look forward to serving you!

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We are always in the market for firearms, ammunition, accessories, and military collectables.  For local items, you are welcome to contact us for an appointment.  For local, larger collections we will be happy to come to you.  For non local items, we require photos and descriptions.  If we make a deal, we will be happy to assist with shipping of items to our location. We will even send packing materials and shipping labels if needed.  Please click the "Contact Us" button below for our contact information.   


We sell firearms, accessories, and related items.  Particularly curio & relics, vintage military firearms, and collectables from around the world.    Just a few of the items that we specialize in are Mauser, Enfield, Mosin Nagant, Krag, K98, K31, 1903, 1917, SKS, Arisaka, Springfield, Remington, Eddystone, Rock Island, and Winchester.  We list our firearms on Gunbroker.com.  To see our current items on Gunbroker.com please click the "Current Items" button below.

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We specialize in Authentic, Vintage Military Firearms. 



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Firearms, vintage curio and relics from around the world.